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Application for Mentorship Program in the period of April to September 2023

HKSHBPS-Application Form For Mentorship Program-31.01.2023
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Dear all,

Application for Mentorship Program in the period of April to September 2023

We are pleased to announce the launch of our society mentorship program.

The aim is to extend the exposure of junior HBP surgeons for various types of advanced HBP operations which are not available in their own hospitals e.g. liver transplant, laparoscopic hepatectomy, robotic HBP surgery etc. This can enhance the knowledge and skills of junior HBP surgeons and reduce the need of overseas attachment for similar purpose.

Hospital in the program will provide a list of mentors for the intended specific HBP operation with specified period of program. The mentor will make arrangement for observation of the intended HBP operation like permission to enter to operation theatre. Additional activities like observation of per-operative management program and postoperative visit may be arranged as per mentor’s discretion.

Now our society would open the application for the program with details as below.

Mentorship program

A. Hospital: QMH / Mentor: Prof. TT Cheung / Intended operation: Laparoscopic liver resection / Period : April - September 2023

B. Hospital: QMH / Mentor :Prof. Albert Chan / Intended operation: ALPPS / Period : April - September 2023

C. Hospital: PYNEH / Mentor: Dr. Eric Lai / Intended operation: Robotic Whipple / Period : April - September 2023

D. Hospital: PWH / Mentor: Dr. KF Lee / Intended operation: Robotic distal pancreatectomy / Period : April - September 2023

E. Hospital: PWH / Mentor: Prof. Kelvin Ng / Intended operation: Vascular resection in Whipple operation / Period : April - September 2023

Interested members please submit the completed application form and supporting documents (if any) via email on or before 24 February 2023.

An acknowledgement email will be sent to the applicant after received. If applicant does not receive the email by 10 March 2023, please contact me by phone or email. Late application may only be considered on space-available basis and a case-by-case. Thank you.

Sincerely Yours

Wally Chung

On behalf of

Dr Carmen Ho

Honorary Secretary


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